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Our representation of business clients includes the formation of new business entities such as limited liability companies and corporations. We provide representation regarding the management of corporate affairs, including documentation of resolutions, minutes, and other corporate activities, and we provide legal advice and guidance concerning the same and shareholder agreements, buy/sell agreements and related situations.

Corporate Law

Among the various specialties within the law profession exists the field of corporate law. Unlike criminal or trial law, corporate law is largely focused with practice outside the courtroom. In general, it deals with how laws relate to businesses, corporations, shareholders, and other entities involved in the practice of commerce.

One of the most important conceits of moderate corporate law is the idea that corporations are treated independently, in the legal system, from their constituent parts. Corporations, as they are legally defined, can be sued without that suit extending to their shareholders and partners. In the same way, shareholders are limited in any liability they may be subject to as a result of the performance of the corporation. For example, if a corporation goes bankrupt, that does not mean its shareholders must necessarily be part of it.

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